Cute and Happy Nails (Maddy’s Nails)

Hey There Everyone,

I do my nails pretty much every night and I’m sure that comes as no shock to you all. However- do you know that I have never painted anyone’s nails but my own…. ever?? Well it was true… until Thursday. :) The kids at my work are always admiring my nails so I told them that if they get there right when I get there at 10am, I’ll pick ONE person per day to do their nails. I’m not doing them in the afternoon- only at 10am, first thing in the morning. Well, one of the girls showed up the next day at precisely 10 and I did her nails. Check em out and tell me how you think I did! (Disclaimer- I didn’t file her nails or push back her cuticles, it was “polish only” in the name of hygiene)

Cute and Happy Nails (aka Maddy’s Nails)

How To Get Maddy’s Nails:

  1. Base coat (I didn’t dare skip this step with her, gotta teach ’em right! haha)
  2. Paint your nails with ChG Make Some Noise, I used 2 coats for her nails.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. When nails are dry and hardened, use Konad special white and stamp BM304 to stamp the design on all fingers but the ring fingers, and use BM311 to stamp the accent design on the ring fingers.
  5. Apply your topcoat carefully.
  6. Marvel at your super-cute nails (that’s what she did anyway)

The girl whose nails these are, Maddy, is just about the cutest thing. She’s one of those girls who you can tell is going to be SUPER pretty when she is a little older. She’s cute as heck at 13, she’s gonna be beautiful at about 17. And these nails were PERFECTLY fitting for her because she’s bright and cheerful and smiley and just as sweet as she is cute. I love the kids at my work :)

Do you do other people’s nails or just your own? Those of you who have done others’ nails- please give me some tips. What do you do differently when doing someone else’s nails as opposed to your own? I was pretty happy with how these turned out, and I know she was, too but I could always do better. As always- thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

39 thoughts on “Cute and Happy Nails (Maddy’s Nails)

    • Thanks! It was so weird doing someone else’s nails. It’s like all backwards and stuff. You’d think it’d be easier but I thought it was harder. It was fun tho! :) Glad you think they look nice. :D

  1. Doing nails for your friends is always difficult, I’m always doing my friends or my mother’s nails..! I’m learning, I also ask them to bring their nails filed and the cuticle clean, but me, TBH I never do my cuticle.. it’s painful to me!!!
    I loved the design of the BM311..

    • You don’t do your cuticles?? Do you use a cream or gel remover even or do you just let them be? A LOT of people don’t like messing w their cuticles but it always surprises me a little because I have always done mine, like since I was a teenager I suppose. That’s nice you do everyone’s nails! And smart to have them come w them all prepped. I don’t think these kids ever file their nails. They’re young tho, they’ll learn. Haha. And I also love that stamp. I’m gonna have to use it in the near future. :) Thanks for reading and commenting! I always appreciate it. :)

        • You do! And I love it!! :) About the cuticles if you WANT to do something about them, Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover works really well. You just put the gel on your cuticles, let it sit for one minute, then use your cuticle stick to push them back and kind of scrape (gently) along your cuticle and it removes all this nasty dead skin. It doesn’t hurt one bit and is really easy. I’m not trying to sell you on doing your cuticles, but if you wanted to that would be a good first step. I’m going to do a post on cuticles soon. I think a lot of people would like to read about that.

          • i think the reason i don’t do it, is because my mum told me, when i was younger, that then all my fingers could get an infection. now i can’t remember what she told me, but for sure she created on me a childhood trauma hahaha.. looking forward for that post, let me see if I can find the cuticle remover here.. i think i will..

              • omg. here is MORE difficult to find stuff.. i moved to my new place 3 wks ago, so, i keep looking new ways to get to my work every day, so TODAY i was in this huge traffic jam and my eyes catched a particular polish bottle.. i FOUND the china glaze importer!! i almost cried, tomorrow i will call them to see if they want to sell me the polish!!

  2. So cute! I agree, I find it so much harder to do other people’s nails! It’s quite weird because you expect it to be easier (especially compared to doing your other hand), but it’s really not… :)

    • Exactly!!! I thought it’d be easier than doing my right hand but nope! It’s harder! But it’s definitely fun. Especially for the girls at my work who act as if I’ve just performed magic! :)

      • It’s fun yes, but at the same time slightly stressful! My friends all like my stuff so much I have to do their nails perfect else I’ll feel bad :P But it’s awesome when you finish and that person goes round showing off thir hands all day! :)

        • Yes I really liked that. And I was like “Go see Maddy’s nails!!!” to everyone :) I guess that’s the good thing about kids- they probably wouldn’t notice if I didn’t do them perfect anyway. I think (despite the cuticles and shape) her nails turned out pretty perfect anyway tho. :)

  3. That is so cute that you did her nails! I bet they love you cause you’re the cool lady with the cool nails. lol I like doing other people’s nails but I’m always afraid of hurting them if I try to clean up their cuticles and stuff. I am really rough on my own nails and I know some people are super sensitive. I do people’s nails when they ask me to…especially if they’re doing something special like a party or it’s a holiday. I like doing them. It was super hard for me to polish someone else’s nails cleanly! I always do better on my own nails. When I was in the psychiatric hospital (don’t you love when I start my sentences that way?), they used to bring out this huge caboodle thing full of nail polish and they would have us do each other’s nails…including the guys. lol Everyone really liked it which seemed kinda weird in the beginning. I guess that’s why I do it so much now…because it relaxes me.

    • I actually do love it when sentences start that way! I find it fascinating. I guess I’m nosy. :p

      I think it’s totally relaxing. I’m doing mine right now and I feel like, “Ahhhhh” after a very annoying day and evening. I am kinda hoping all the kids want me to do their nails so I get lots of practice. I actually didn’t do Maddy’s too sloppily but I was definitely happy to have my little brush to clean up w. People saw me using it and were like blown away with that technique. And what you said about the cool nail lady- I seriously think that’s what account for like 1/2 of my popularity as a sub and over the summer. Haha. And y’know what… I’m ok w that! ;)

          • LOL…I had to volunteer a few hours a week when I was taking a child development class and it was hilarious. One of the little boys asked me to be his gf. It was cute but kinda creepy when I recounted the story to my professor. hahahaha. Kids are awesome…most of the time. They liked me because they knew they were gonna do fun stuff when I was there. Their regular teacher was this super cute young guy and he told me they were all terrors…but I never got to see them like that. I admire teachers so much.

            • I’ll pat myself on the back a little bit for one reason- teaching/working w kids take patience!!! Oh my goodness. Other adults are always telling me they wish they could bottle just a little of my patience and take it home. Haha. I sometimes surprise myself w how patient I am (aka: how I can not punch some little brat right in the face). Seriously tho the kids I work w are all very cool, mostly nice and good people. I see a lot of teens at the park and I like them too although if I’m being honest I’d never wanna teach HS. I’ll stick to the little guys. :) I think that’s cute someone wanted you to be their gf. Well- cute if they’re young and innocent. I had a first grader (yes, 6 years old!!) seriously touch my boob when I was watching his hands. It was hilarious but a little creepy. Haha. What did you go to school for? I don’t remember if I’ve ever asked.

              • The most useless major ever: French Literature. Might as well have gone to school for basket weaving or something. LOL I wish someone had dropped kicked me in the face and told me to choose something more practical.

                I was a complete terror in Jr. High School. I was not only the class clown, but teachers actually feared me. There were a couple of teachers that I made cry with my antics and that is probably one of the biggest regrets I have as an adult. I was such a little turd back then. I was always in the gifted/gate/honors classes and I think that just made it worse because we were supposed to be the nerdy and brainy kids…not the trouble-makers. For that reason, I would never be a teacher because I would fear karma way too much. lol

                WTF…a 6 yo trying to feel you up?? That’s just wrong. Makes you wonder how a kid that age thinks that’s ok. Or maybe it was just innocent. Who knows. Kids nowadays scare me. I remember I was so innocent and oblivious to stuff when I was in elementary. Now kids are scary

                • Oh no you were one of those kids!!! Haha. Jk. There are a lot of kids who make other teachers cry but I actually seem to do ok even w the “bad” kids cuz I’m respectful. I don’t talk down to them and I always try to assume they’re doing the best they can. In your case I’d probably just ignore your bad behaviors and super focus on the good and hope that turned you around. If not, I’d just exercise my patience daily! Haha. I was a goody goody (still am, haha) so maybe that’s why I have good luck. :) And I’m not really sure if Mr 6-yr-old was innocent or not. I saw him again when he was in 4th grade and he hugged me a little long for a 9 yr- old. Idk tho… Kids seem to like to hug and touch me (not in a creepy way!) a lot so maybe he was just giving me a regular hug. Who knows! Good thing he’s a little kid!

                  • That is actually how one teacher turned me around. I was so bad that he put a desk at the front of the class, facing the whole class and made me sit there while he told everyone that I was going to be in the “bozo seat” until I learned to behave and be respectful. Being me, I was in heaven in the beginning because now I had a full audience for all my antics. After a couple of weeks, I started feeling like such a loser outcast. LOL That was in 7th grade so I was 11 or 12. One day he pulled me aside and asked me why I acted the way I did if I had so much potential…it was like something snapped and I stopped being a turd in his class. He became my favorite teacher in Jr. High. Mr. Steeby…I still think of him fondly. Bless his heart for putting up with so many horrid kids.

                    LOL@ the long hug. He sounds quite precocious. hahaha

                    • Awww I love hearing stories like that. Sometimes that’s all it takes- talking to a kid like they have a brain (which they do) and giving them the choice to change their behavior. Glad to hear you stopped being such a terror! Haha. And yeah… That kids a little special. Haha. He was cool tho. Nice kid just… possibly advanced. Ha.

  4. Aw these look great! Sounds like fun doing someone’s nails! I hope we get to see more of these! :D I’ve only done my mom’s and my aunt’s once each. It was kind of awkward since I’m used to only painting mine and I painted facing them so it’s like backwards lol

    • Thank you!! I actually painted hers side by side (cuz all we have is a picnic table and it’s too wide to reach across comfortably) and that worked pretty well. However- I had her sit to my right and in the future I’ll have them sit to my left. :) Hopefully I’ll have more chances to do other people’s nails… AND share them. ;) The kids don’t know I have a blog, I bet they’d be pretty hyped if I told them!

      • Ooh good idea…I’ll have to try sitting next to them if I ever do someone else’s nails haha. That sounds so fun! Ooh are you going to tell them about your blog?

        • I don’t know. I haven’t told my friends so idk if I’d wanna tell the kids. They’d think it was awesome tho but I don’t necessarily keep it 100% kid appropriate. I know I haven’t said anything terrible but I don’t think I want them reading all my stuff and then getting my twitter acct. A few of them already found my FB so idk if I wanna invite that just for appropriateness’ sake if that makes sense.

            • Oh yeah. A couple actually. I’m not on fb anymore really so it doesn’t matter but it gets kinda weird. And w instagram and blogs where anyone can follow you and you don’t even necessarily know who it is, I don’t really wanna open that door. :-/

    • Thank you! I was hoping to do someone else’s nails again this morning but idk if I’ll be able to because the guy I work w is going to be gone (again). :(

  5. Even though this post was already titled with “cute,” my first thought when I saw them was, “Oh, how cute!”
    Following up on psychiatric hospitals, they always do the resident’s nails at my mom’s care facility. Apparently it’s the “in” thing to do for people with mental distresses, haha. Hey, wait…that explains a lot :)
    I tried to do her nails once since they do that there and I’m always trying to come up with things to do with her (otherwise we just walk around the relatively small building endlessly), but it was really hard! I can’t really base “doing other peoples’ nails” off that experience, though, because she doesn’t like to sit still! It was kind of funny, though, because I purposely brought a quick-dry, easy formula with me and it was like WAY BRIGHT PINK on her…kinda inappropriate, haha.
    I hope more of the kids come to have their nails done and you can share your pics! I think they look great and hopefully you can get more confident with your “doing other peoples’ nails” abilities!

    • Hey maybe she liked the bright pink! :) I think it’s definitely therapeutic doing your nails. Except tonight when they’re turning into a bit of a disasticure. Haha. Hopefully they’ll turn out ok. :-/ I was going to being my nail stuff today but my partner wasn’t going to be there so I couldn’t take the 45 minutes and do one kid’s nails. :( Maybe tomorrow. I’d like to do more and share them!

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