Audrey’s Sweet and Royal and Kyla’s Animal Princess Nails

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I have two sets of nails to show you. Ever since I did Maddy’s nails at work the girls have been asking me, “When can you do mine!?” almost every day. I keep telling them- first thing in the morning, but some kids still show up in the afternoon asking. Luckily, a couple of the girls were there in the morning yesterday and I was able to do their nails. As you’ll see they both chose pretty similar designs so I lumped them together in this post. Let’s see some cute little nails!

Audrey’s Sweet and Royal Nails

She wanted a little accent thumb with the cupcake design. :)

Audrey is a super cute little girl. She’s 6 years old and very particular about her art. This girl is likely going to grow up to be an artist. She always take her time (sometimes almost too much time!! haha) on her art and does a REALLY good job for a 6-year-old. You sometimes get kids who want to do art projects but then don’t want to finish them and end up kind of ruining them because they rush, well… not this girl. :) Als0- she’s just about the most adorable thing ever. She’s missing some teeth right now (gotta love that about 6 year olds) and she’s got the longest, curliest eye lashes. I asked her if I could have hers and she told me to buy them from a store. :-/ Haha.

How To Get Audrey’s Nails:

  1. Base coat. I used SH Hard As Nails on the kids.
  2. Paint your nails with Del Sol Girl’s Night Out (2 coats)
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. When nails are dry and hardened, use BM 307 (cupcakes) and BM 304 (tiaras) and Konad special silver to stamp the design on the nails.
  5. Apply topcoat and go swing till your nails are dry. No smudging!! ;)

Now next I have Kyla’s nails to show you. She’s 8 I believe (maybe 9) and such a nice girl. She’s always willing to help and is eager to please the older kids which sometimes gets her a little taken advantage of. They were trying to talk her into walking all the way home and bringing them all top ramen for lunch. They told her they’d give her money (yeah right!) so I was like, “Kyla doesn’t take CODs!!!” haha. She’s so nice with the littler kids and just a nice, nice, nice girl. She also love animals as you’ll see from her nails. Her little brother Amare is one of my favorites. He’s a super sweet and SMART little guy. He’s 7 and has a little mohawk right now. I love these kids.

Kyla’s Animal Princess Nails

I didn’t think about it in advance, but it’s pretty hard doing these little girls’ nails. They’re nail beds are so small that I have to do some work to a) steer them towards designs that will fit on their teeny nails and b) get the stamps on their little nails. The good thing is that even though the stamps are a little imperfect due to tiny nails and also being at a PARK on a PICNIC TABLE, the girls are still super impressed with their nails. :)

How To Get Kyla’s Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with 2 coats of Del Sol Girl’s Night Out (it’s worth noting that this is a color-changing polish and will be anywhere between a coral-y pink and dark purple depending on the light level).
  3. Apply one coat of Seche Vite, and allow nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. When nails are dry and hardened, use stamp BM 323 (paw print) and BM 320 (crown) and Konad special white to stamp the designs on your nails.
  5. Add top coat and don’t smudge your nails! :o)

How do you like these little girls’ nails? Do you think I need to file their little nails before I paint them? I really don’t want to, due to hygienic reasons and also time, but they’re crookedy nails are kinda driving me nuts. I see why some of you don’t wrap your tips, it’s nearly impossible with super short and possibly chewed nails like these. As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

21 thoughts on “Audrey’s Sweet and Royal and Kyla’s Animal Princess Nails

    • Aww thanks. Yes they do show their friends and families and its so cute to see them playing and being all careful of their cute nails :) The only problem is that now my co worker is taking about bringing his aunt or something to get hers done and I’m like dude- I do this for the kids. It’s not a real nail salon! Plus- I don’t want to take 40 minutes away from my time w the kids. I’m paid to be there with them- not adults who want their nails done. Hopefully he wasn’t serious and that won’t actually happen. *fingers crossed*!!! Thanks for reading and commenting. :D

      • Aww it’s good that it makes them start taking more care of their nails :) What an eejit, surely he wasn’t serious because that wouldn’t really be appropriate if you’re there to take care of the kids! Maybe you could tell him you’d have to charge his aunt and do it outside of work time if he’s really serious haha :D x

    • Oh yeah they’re all totally awesome. I really love the kids at my park. It’s so hard to paint their tiny nails, but I think they still turned out pretty darn cute! :)

  1. I don’t think I’d do their nails. LOL That is so sweet of you to do their nails. I would have been in heaven if someone had done my nails like that when I was a kid. I wasn’t a nail biter but I was a cuticle/hangnail biter which was horribly painful. My fingers would get all raw and bloody and I kind of liked that metallic blood taste. I know, disgusting! Just call me a vampire!

    • Why wouldn’t you do their nails, vampire? Haha. I didn’t bite my cuticles but I picked them like it was going outta style. The girls are soooo impressed and they’re not even picking that great of designs/combinations if you ask me! Haha. I guess there’s a difference between adult/ child nail styles. :) That’s probably a good thing.

  2. it’s difficult..!
    i did a co-worker daughter’s nails once and it was difficult without stamping..

    they were on their last weekend of vacations, so they went with her mom to the office, and i was filling my nails in the lunch time, they watched me and asked me if i had nail polish, i told them that I had. 3 minutes after, they were waiting in line to get their nails painted and crackled.

    • Yeah little girls love getting their nails painted!! :) I just forgot how small a little kid’s nails are till I’m trying to paint them. And stamping them- Oof. It narrows your design choice down a lot.

  3. Aww, very cute! Very much what you’d think little girls would pick, haha.
    I wouldn’t mess with filing them…more time for you, and they’re kids, they don’t care, they’re happy with the mani!

    • Yeah I REALLY don’t want to but then I see their ragged edges and am torn. I think I’ll stick w leaving that part alone. I’m not doing full manicures here, I’m just painting nails. :) Maybe I’ll bring a little cuticle oil tho. Goodness knows they could use that! Haha.

  4. Awwwh, this post is all sorts of cute!!!!
    I have two little girls and I paint their nails AND I paint nails at group parties recreationally (it is a hobby, not a job)… buuuut, I always paint nails AS is… especially little girl nails… I have discovered two things a) polish never wears all that long on little ones because their nails are so bendy AND b) seche vite makes polish peel off of little ones… hmmm…
    Gorgeous choice in stamps! :D

    • Y’know I have been wondering why it seems like some of their nails peel off overnight!! Is there a different brand you use to keep their polish from peeking so quick? If you have any advice I’d love it. :) Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving all the comments. :) You have the absolute best nail pictures- so artistic and fashion-magazine-like!!

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