Day 21 of our 31 Day Challenge- Tribal Nails!

Hey There Polished People!

Welcome back to the challenge! We are nearing the end with only 10 more days to go! Even though we changed the challenge to suit our preferences, some types of nail art that I just don’t have a lot of love for make it under the radar. Two of the types that I’m not even looking forward to doing are tribal (today) and galaxy nails (up next). I don’t have any reason not to like tribal nails, I love them on other people. When I sat down to do mine I just didn’t know where to start, but then once I was doing them I didn’t know when to stop!! Haha. I think I actually ended up with something halfway decent though, so yay for that!! :D If you’re ready to see what I came up with, I’m ready to show you. :)

Tribal Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with ChG Refresh-Mint until they are opaque. I think it took about 3 coats.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry completely.
  4. Using tape or just free-handing it, paint a stripe of Essie Nothing Else Metals down the center of each nail.
  5. Using a tiny brush and Jessica Secret Love, paint two small triangles on either side of each metallic stripe like you see in the pictures above.
  6. Using a the same tiny brush and ChG Exotic Encounters, paint two small triangles on either side of each metallic stripe right beside the pink triangles like you see above.
  7. Use a black striper to outline the metallic stripe and each of the triangles.
  8. Use the striper to add the rest of the black lines on the metallic stripe and around the colored triangles.
  9. Use a the small end of a dotting tool and some black paint (I just touched the dotting tool to the striper brush and picked up some of that paint) to add the dots over Essie Nothing Else Metals and over the ChG Refresh-Mint.
  10. Give your design plenty of time to dry (we don’t want smearing!!) and then apply a final coat of Seche Vite.
  11. Admire your interesting tribal nails!!

Have you tried tribal nails? Is there a type of nail art you just don’t like to do very much even though you love what other people come up with? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out Cynthia’s nails by clicking here. As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing! :D

23 thoughts on “Day 21 of our 31 Day Challenge- Tribal Nails!

  1. WOW! This is great! Love the breakdown you gave on the how you did this one. I also really like the colors used. So often I see tribals done in brights with graphic line black separations (kind of needs the black lines to be tribal in my book) – but these colors are very original and totally work!

  2. It’s no surprise that our nails ended up looking somewhat similar. hahaha! I so don’t like the tribal print thing just because it’s so darn busy and you know me and simplicity. I was actually pretty proud of myself because I did my first full free hand nail design and it didn’t come out horrible! I think now I have a little more confidence and will try out free hand stuff more often. :) Btw, get back soon! I miss shooting the shit with you. lol

    • Awwwww you MISSED me!! ;) I missed chatting it up too! When I was up reading my book or doing my nails I was like mannnn normally I’d be complaining about something or just chit chatting with Cynthia! Haha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your tribal nails!! I know they’re a bit busy for you but man, they turned out so pretty! I like how graphic they are and how they just like COMMAND attention. I may do more tribal nails in the future… we’ll see but man- YOURS were good!

    • Try themmmmmm!!! I bet you’d like them and they’d turn out awesome! They’re not as hard as you’d think cuz the straight lines are small (so they’re easy to keep straight) and you can’ really do whatever you want so if they start looking different than you had planned- just go with it! :) I wanna see some tribals on your blog!

  3. Aw, these came out great! I like that the color scheme is a little different than other tribal designs.
    “Is there a type of nail art you just don’t like to do very much even though you love what other people come up with?” Yes, like, ALL types. ;) Except maybe dotting and half-moon manis…I can (pretty much) do those.

    • Haha I bet you could do whatever you wanted to but not everyone has as much time on their hands as I do. Thanks about the nails. I didn’t have any idea how to do these but I’m happy with how they worked out. :)

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